Episode 169 – PC Building Myths & Tips w/ Zach Buchholz

Is It Really That Complicated?

PC building has been a hot topic among the community as of late. Join Logan as he returns to the podcast and sits down with an admin of the Facebook group, Zach Buchholz, to discuss some common misconceptions surrounding PC building and also share some tips. (Stay tuned after the credits to hear how Zach almost burned down his office building)

If you want to see the parts in Logan’s PC, click this link.

Housekeeping (9:45)

What Have We Been Playing (11:40)

Zach has been sucked into the warp hole that is Valorant and Logan discusses Forza Horizon 4, Xenoblade, and the indie fighter, The TakeOver.

What Have We Been Reading (24:23)

Zach discusses studying the Old Testament as part of class and how he has been redeeming this time in quarantine with his wife. Logan discusses overcoming fear of COVID-19 in John Piper’s “Coronavirus and Christ”.

Topic (30:45)

Is building a PC difficult? Can I play from my couch? How do I know when I have the right parts? There are a lot of questions surrounding building a PC. Join Logan and Zach as they dispel some common misconceptions and share some helpful tips to get you started.

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Reco’s (1:28:07)

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