Episode 167 – COVID-19 & Gaming

How has life in quarantine been?

Editor Note: Hey, Logan here. I edited this episode so Skinner could spend time with family (please be praying for him and his family as they grieve the loss of his uncle). If this thing sounds awful, send your hate mail to Adam’s yahoo email: belieber4eva.

COVID-19 has had some long lasting effects over the past few months. There are plenty of thoughts and reactions within the gaming industry. Join Adam & Micah as they go over the different delays, product shortages, and how Final Fantasy VII Remake came at just the right time.

Housekeeping (3:00)

What Have We Been Playing (4:22)

Final Fantasy VII Remake dominates the conversation. Is it a Game of the Year contender?

What Have We Been Reading (19:25)

Micah shares with us a sermon from his church from Psalm 77 focusing on despair. Adam shares from Isaiah 26:3-4 and the hope there is for those struggling with infertility.

Topic (31:08)

No Facebook conspiracy theories here! Join the guys as they discuss the various delays and updates within the gaming industry as a result of this pandemic.

Recos (1:13:25)

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