Episode 166 – Next Gen

Boldly going where we have never gone before… sort of.

Housekeeping (2:47)

Editor Note: Retrospective on Metroid 2 is written by Wesley Rea.

WHYBP (4:00)

Micah discusses Colin Moriarty’s new game, Twin Breaker. He also discusses two big remakes that released: Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7. Adam discusses how good Call of Duty: Warzone is and him walking away from Animal Crossing.

WHYBR (24:29)

Micah gets into Counter-Culture by David Platt and how it’s been impacting his life. Adam reminds us about God’s purpose through His word.

Topic – Next Generation (35:28)

With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, Adam and Micah give an overview of tech specs, discuss some rumors, poke fun at Logan’s flip-flops, and give their predictions.

Patron Thank You’s (1:36:50)

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Reco’s (1:38:05)

  • Star Wars Rebels
  • 1917