Episode 164 – Nintendo 64

Get N or Get Out

The Nintendo 64 marked a major shift in the gaming landscape when it released. Join Adam and Logan as they discuss first experiences with the console, their favorite games, and discuss some of your favorite games. As well as other random trivia. For example, Blockbuster exclusive video games.

Housekeeping (7:25)

What Have We Been Playing (10:00)

Animal Crossing. It’s been Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What Have We Been Reading (28:47)

Adam discusses a brand new book titled “Prayer” by John Onwucheckwa along with what he has been getting out of Isaiah. Logan discusses a passage from 1 Peter 1:24-25 about how God’s Word endures all things.

Topic (41:48)

The discussion of the Nintendo 64 traveled many words from our first time playing on one to Blockbuster exclusive games and a passionate rant about the greatest game of all time: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

Reco’s (1:30:05)

  • “Prayer” by John Onwucheckwa
  • MLB 9 Innings (Mobile Game)
  • Jojo Rabbit (Movie)
  • Utilize social media for ministry
  • DKOldies.com

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