Episode 163 – DOOM Series (feat. PastorDoostyn)

Heavy Metal, Chainsaws, Oh My!

DOOM is a major, influential series in the gaming world. With DOOM Eternal releasing, now is the time to discuss the series, it’s influences, themes, and more. But we’re not going in on this series alone: we’re joined by the DOOM expert himself, PastorDoostyn! If you have never played a game in the series before, this is the episode to listen to & get caught up.

Housekeeping (2:35)

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What Have We Been Playing (4:12)

PastorDoostyn talks about building his team out on Pokemon. Logan discusses Dragon Quest XI’s crazy storytelling and the new game, Bloodroots, the game where everything is a weapon, including a carrot.

What Have We Been Reading (11:40)

PastorDoostyn discusses the book “41 Will Come” by Chuck E. Tate that unpacks the different times in the Bible we the number 40/41 is mentioned. He also discusses John 15, specially the well-known “I am the vine” passage. Logan discusses reading through 2 Thessalonians, specifically a passage in chapter 3 that stood out during his reading.

Topic (18:20)

DOOM is one of the most influential series in gaming. But it’s also one with it’s own set of controversy. The guys sit down to give an overview of the overarching story throughout the games, it’s themes, and ask questions about our engagement with the games. If you have never played a game in the series, this is an episode that would be the perfect primer for the upcoming DOOM Eternal.

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