Interview with GG| Developer: Charles Watson

The Letterboxd/GoodReads for Video Games

A backlog is something that every gamer has been plagued with at one point or another. With the constant stream of new games releasing, it can also be overwhelming tracking all of the games that we are interested in. However, one app is helping gamers tackle their backlogs and track their gaming. The GG| App is developed by Charles Watson and has been exploding in growth over the last year. Charles took some time to sit down with me and answer some questions about his journey with GG| and what the last year has been like, as well as tease some exciting new things coming down the pipeline.

How did you come up with the idea for the GG app?

Charles: Basically, it was just, “I want Goodreads for video games”. And that was it. Being in the TRG facebook group as I was starting to get back into gaming, there were so many recommendations flying around that I couldn’t keep up with. No one likes spreadsheets so I wanted a really nice, simple app that I could use anytime. I started the first bit of Code on July 4th weekend in 2017 and released the app at the beginning of December that year.

You’ve had a ton of growth in the last year, with folks at places like KindaFunny and Dualshockers talking about the app; what has it been like to watch your app grow?

Charles: It’s been insane honestly. I hit 10k members in September and now 5 months later, it’s up to 20k. It’s growing exponentially lately and I have no idea where it’s going to be by the end of the year. Now, the next objective is trying to provide enough value in the premium tiers to get people to upgrade so that I can make a living out of this and be able to work on it full time.

You just released ratings/reviews on the app. What other features do you have planned for the app?

Charles: I’ve literally got a to-do list with over a hundred items on it. The biggest thing I’m working on right now is getting the database updated so that I can provide things like better search, more detailed information like developers, publishers, etc. It’s going to be a huge undertaking but I’m excited.

Some other things I’ve got coming are:

  • A revamped Play Status system so you can have multiple play-throughs, set start/end dates, which platform you’re playing on
  • Detailed stats for Elite members, like average word count for reviews, games beaten by platform/year, and much more
  • Price tracking so you can always get the best deal on games.

All of these features, and many more are listed on our newly-public roadmap here.

Will there be a feature coming soon that will allow users to expand their GG| experience on other platforms like social media? Say, for example, if I just completed a game and want to share it to Twitter from the app or connect an existing library of games from Steam.

Charles: Something that I’ll be doing in the near-ish future is updating the activity feed which will allow a few things: commenting/interacting directly in the app, and sharing specific activities to other social media platforms. It’ll also allow members to connect their profiles (like twitter, discord, twitch, etc) in order to find their friends in GG|.

Connecting to Steam (and Xbox, PSN, etc) is something that will likely be an advanced feature that will allow for automatic logging of games (if desired), but I don’t quite have a timeline on that one.

What is one thing you want people to know about the app?

Charles: I am a one-man team and I really need the support of subscribers in order to spend time working on and improving the app for everyone. This is a huge undertaking that I absolutely love doing and want to keep it going well into the future. Maybe once I can go full-time on this, that’ll actually open up time for me to play some video games too! 😂

And of course, if you can’t support development financially, every single share of a game on the site, or your profile, or even a screenshot of one of your favorite lists, goes a long way to help spread the word.

And one more thing about the app…

I am rebranding it (with a new name and logo) very, very soon. 👀

The future of The GG| App is looking very bright! I’m looking forward to some of these new futures and especially what the new name and logo will look like. You can download GG| for iOS and Android, as well as create an account on their website and begin tracking your gaming today. I’ve used the app since it first launched and am a beta tester. It’s easily one of my favorite apps on my phone and we reference it frequently on the show.

For further news on GG|, check them out on Twitter.

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