Family Friendly Streamers We Recommend

Need help finding family friendly content? Check out this constantly updating article!

We’ve all been there.

We’re watching a content creator, enjoying the content and then “it” happens. “It” can be anything: a cussword, obscene gesture, lude remark. And like that, our kids are imitating that. It begs the question, “Where are the family friendly content creators”. Well, we have you covered. Here are some family friendly content creators that we recommend checking out. A note about this post: it will be updated and modified as we come across more and more creators. If you have someone you think should be on the list, leave a comment below with a link to their work!


Have you ever seen a Jedi play video games? We hadn’t either until we came across ReformedJedi’s stream on Twitch. We honestly have a hard time deciding between what is more impressive about his stream: the fact he sounds like Obi-Wan the entire stream or his totally rad subscriber emotes. ReformedJedi hosts some great streams that are great for families to enjoy and plays games from Fortnite to Knights of the Old Republic. For more information, including ReformedJedi’s streaming schedule, click this entire phrase.


A pastor that kills demons? What more could you ask for? While his DOOM streams are more on the teen side of things given the nature of the DOOM video games, PastorDoostyn is a real pastor that plays everything from DOOM to Pokemon and everything in between, all with the intention of sharing God’s love with the gaming world. To learn more about PastorDoostyn, you can check out his Twitch channel or our episode where we sat down with him.

Pastor Duke

Pastor Duke is a youth pastor that streams RuneScape on Twitch. He provides a very relaxed stream that’s free from many of the things that most parents worry about online. He understands youth culture and has built quite a platform on Twitch. To get more information about when Pastor Duke will go live next, check out his channel here.


MissRubyFalls creates content that is focused on inspiring others. Whether she’s crafting or gaming, she puts on one of the best family friendly streams out there. My wife really enjoys her streams and the welcoming atmosphere and funny goofs. To learn more about MissRubyFalls, check out her channel here.

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