Episode 161 – Mass Effect Series w/ David Matthews

My name is Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite podcast on the Citadel.

How we made it 5 years in without doing a Mass Effect episode is beyond us but we brought on David Matthews of The Black Techies podcast to crash into a deep discussion of the Mass Effect series, it’s themes, and more.

Housekeeping (2:30)

What Have We Been Playing (4:25)

David dives into the world of Control on PC and climbs the leaderboards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Logan threatens Adam with snowballs. Adam finally gets into the Titanfall 2 campaign. Logan discusses how to “git gud” in Sekiro.

What Have We Been Reading (17:50)

David gets into how technology can trip us up in 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You. Adam discusses the importance of studying the Bible and knowing it from Confronting Christianity. Logan discusses how God is the definition of creative from Ezekiel 1.

Topic – Mass Effect Series (32:18)

Mass Effect is a massive series. The guys discover a variety of topics such as the standout characters of the series and their experiences with the games. The guys also discuss the controversy surrounding the game’s M-rating and the importance of our choices.

Thank You Patrons (1:22:00)

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Reco’s (1:23:38)

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