Episode 159 – Streaming w/ PastorDoostyn

From Pokemon to Doom and Everything In Between

Continuing #5YearsofTRG, we brought on Christian gaming streamer, PastorDoostyn, on to discuss all things live-streaming, gaming, and Christian engagement with the platform.

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Housekeeping (4:56)

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What Have We Been Playing (6:36)

Doostyn discusses two Metroidvania games that have caught his attention: Bloodstained and The Messenger. Logan gains 3 Platinum trophies in his goal to get 20 Platinums in 2020.

What Have We Been Reading (15:00)

Doostyn discusses Clear the Stage on how we should seek God in worship, not a performance. Logan begins studying the book of Revelation and becomes confused immediately.

Topic (27:05)

Game live-streaming has grown over the past few years. Along with that growth, Christians have appeared on platforms like Twitch and Mixer to reach gamers for the Gospel. Doostyn discusses what it’s been like for him, some of the opposition he faced, and where he sees streaming going in the future.

Patron Thank You (1:12:32)

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Reco’s! (1:13:55)

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