Episode 156 – Pokemon

Who’s that Pokemon?!

Pokemon is a massive franchise and a powerhouse in the world of gaming. Join the Henshin Dad himself, Wesley, as he and Logan discuss the Pokemon series, what makes it great, their favorite games, and give their review of Pokemon Sword & Shield!
Before the show begins, the two discuss their Thanksgivings and Black Friday hauls. Logan started learning Spanish so that couldn’t possibly go wrong on the show.
What Have You Been Playing (10:05)
Wesley jumped back into Persona 5 after playing dancing in Starlight, noting the game’s darker themes compared to Persona 4 Golden. He also discusses one of the best JRPGs to have released this year on the Switch: Dragon Quest XI S! Logan abandons the Platinum for Code Vein after 67 hours of playtime.
What Have You Been Reading (25:47)
Wesley is taking it easy with “The Christmas Carol” after finishing The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. Logan discusses “The Power of Prayer” by Charles Spurgeon.
Topic of the Show – Pokemon (31:00)
The guys start the discussion off with how they got into the series. Both of the guys jumped in at the beginning with Red/Blue, with Logan’s parents thinking Red and Blue were the first two in the series. From there, they discuss their favorite generations and Pokemon. Around the 1:07:50 mark, the guys discuss the controversy surrounding Pokemon Sword and Shield, giving their thoughts on if the complaints have any weight. Following that, the guys give their full review of the game from the things that made the games great to the things that left them scratching their heads. The guys decide that putting “It’s jarring” and “Way better than Sun and Moon” on the box will say everything that needs to be said.
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