Episode 155 – Black Friday

It’s That Time Again!

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From all of us here at TRG, a Happy early Thanksgiving (or regular Thanksgiving, depending on when you’re listening to this). This episode, the guys discuss Black Friday, the cultural phenomenon of deals on deals on deals! The guys share some memories of the day from years past and discuss some of the hottest deals at the different retailers this year.
What Have We Been Playing (6:04)
Adam rekindles his friendship with the Nintendo Switch! While he makes time for Golf Story and Luigi’s Mansion, the PSVR manages to pull him away long enough to get into the world of Super Hot VR. Logan gives reviews for Daemon X Machina and Code Vein. Only one of those is worth picking up and it isn’t the one with the giant mechs.
What Have You Been Reading (24:43)
Adam digs into a book called “Gospel Primer”. It talks about the importance of the Gospel for your life everyday and may be a good resource for anyone currently discipling someone in Christ. Logan discusses the book, “Within Reach”, which gives statistics on why people 18-22 years old leave church after they graduate high school.
Topic – Black Friday (33:15)
The guys start things off by talking about their experiences with shopping on Black Friday. Conversation then moves on to discussing TRG’s Top 10 “King of Thrift Certified” Deals for Black Friday shoppers.
Follow the link here to see the spreadsheet of deals we mention on the cast.
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