Episode 154 – Days Gone

Light A Candle

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Days Gone was a Playstation exclusive that was adored by gamers and fizzled with critics. But is it as bad as the reviews say? What kind of themes are held within? Join us in this episode as we deep dive into Days Gone on the Playstation 4.



Adam catches more fish and loses his new wife in Fire Emblem. The guys briefly discuss Luigi’s Mansion 3. Logan talks diving into the Castlevania series which then led him to start collecting retro games and revisiting retro X-Men games.


Adam discusses being forgiven in Christ, specifically how we are no longer held guilty in Christ. This brings up a discussion of how, in Christ, we are more than conquerors and Romans 9. Logan discusses a sermon he heard at a recent convention from Revelation 22. Discussion turns toward the dire nature of the phrase “Lord come quickly”.


The guys start the discussion of Days Gone off with the review controversy around the game’s launch and if it was warranted. After a brief introduction to the set up of the game’s story, the guys begin discussing the main character, Deacon, and his biker brother, Boozer, and the theme of loyalty between the two. The world of Days Gone has an effect on people, as clearly shown in the group known as the Rippers. The Rippers religion is one of darkness, something we see out of Romans 1. There is more discussed in this section, but due to spoilers, they cannot be elaborated on in the show notes.


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