Episode 153 – Scariest Games We’ve Ever Played

The Games That Nearly Made Us Buy A New Pair of Pants

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Join Logan and “James Bond” as we discuss some of the scariest games in gaming. The guys kick off the show by discussing the different ways you can support the show by supporting on Patreon or leaving a rating & review on your podcast app of choice.

What Have You Been Playing/Reading Highlights

The guys are pleasantly surprised by Apple Arcade’s offerings such as WhatTheGolf, the golf game for folks who hate golf, and Sayonara Wild Hearts, a pop album video game. Both Adam and Logan have also beaten Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and offer their final thoughts on the game. Adam says the game is charming and Logan didn’t really have anything negative to say about the game. You can read the official TRG review here.

For reading, Adam has been reading out of Psalm 123. During his quiet time, Adam learns about being ready, and waiting, for God’s call to action. Logan nears the end of Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp and recommends it to anyone in ministry. Logan discusses how pastors ought to take opportunities to let others lead and teach, instead of getting a prideful spirit.

Topic: Scariest Games We’ve Ever Played Highlights

As the topic of discussion gets underway, Adam starts off with The Mummy on PS1. Logan discusses the urban legends surrounding missingno from Pokemon. Reader submissions discussed games such as Resident Evil 7 and Bloodborne. Bloodborne brings up bad memories for Adam regarding a time the game almost made him poo his pants. Logan reminisces about the time he got to the sewers for the first time in Resident Evil 2 and why he nearly broke his Gamecube controller.

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