I Have Never Beaten Super Metroid

The One That Got Away

I remember my parents taking me to Best Buy to get a new game console. All my friends were getting the Playstation One or the N64; I’m sure my parents thought I would be picking one of those. As I was browsing the games section, I came across the Super Nintendo: a console with loads of games I had obsessed over at multiple friends’ homes. To my parent’s surprise, I chose the Super Nintendo over all others. The first three games I picked with the console were: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and F-Zero. I was terrible at all three; my little mind could not understand the puzzles of Zelda, the vague and destructible blocks of Metroid, or the unforgiving learning curve of F-Zero.

But I loved them.

Yet I never finished either one.

It’s a shock to people when they hear that I’ve ever finished Super Metroid. I’m the biggest fan of Metroid on the podcast (and probably in the world) that has beaten Metroid Primes 1 & 2, Fusion multiple times. I was the hype train when Samus Returns was announced and released for the 3DS. But despite that, Super Metroid has eluded me.

Until now.

Through the power of the SNES Classic and my Elgato HD60S, I’ll be uploading my journey through Super Metroid and I want to share it with you, the Deer Listeners.

It’s time to finish Super Metroid.