Gaming Theology – Furi

Trials of Various Kinds


Furi is one of my favorite games of all time.

Between the stylish design of the characters and complex mechanics to each fight, what’s not to enjoy? Which should come as no surprise that I was eager to revive this series that was started on our YouTube channel last year. But if this series was going to make it’s return, it had to be something different and something that I would actually care about. With the return of Furi, I wasn’t sure where this series should go; which is why the first two episodes have no commentary.

Then it hit me.

Furi has some truly unique bosses. Not only are they unique in their design, they are also unique in their interactions with the main character. At The Reformed Gamers, we believe every game has a worldview and Furi‘s bosses are no different. Each episode of Furi, beginning in Episode 3, breaks down each bosses lines of dialogue and compares them back to Scripture. So far, the topics that have been covered are: regret and living to the glory of God, the struggle for forgiveness, and how the Gospel gives us the courage to stand for the glory of God.

My hope and prayer for this series is to aid you in playing your games to the glory of God while also taking every thought captive for Christ while you play.

GG & Amen

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    1. It’s definitely worth checking out! I believe it’s been a free game with PS Plus a few times so you may have it already. If not, it goes on sale frequently enough.

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  1. I’m not good at Furi but I loved watching it being played. It’s rare to see games almost exclusively focusing on boss, let alone one that does it so well!


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