Update on Twitch Streaming

TRG on Twitch is Going on a Hiatus. Here’s Why.

Over the past several months of streaming on Twitch, it’s been a blast to hang out with Deer Listeners and share some hilarious moments together. It was reminiscent of the “good-ol’-days” where a group of friends would huddle around a TV or arcade cabinet and cheer the person playing on.

Unfortunately, as much as I have enjoyed those streams, I have reached a point where I cannot commit to streaming anymore. At least, not to a set schedule. After talking with Adam, we have decided to put Twitch streaming on a hiatus until more time becomes available. We want to thank all of our Deer Listeners who have supported our Twitch channel: whether you followed and hung out in chat, graciously gave us your Twitch Prime sub, and shared it with your friends.

But all is not lost. There will be more YouTube content coming. If you have not seen our latest video, head on over to YouTube and check it out.

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