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A New Schedule & More

As we continue into 2019, we look forward to continue streaming over on Twitch! It has been a blast getting to hang out with members of the community while enjoying some of our favorite games together. On January 21st, we streamed Spyro the Dragon and went over some of the changes that would be coming to TRG’s Twitch channel. I’d like to highlight those here:

  • Instead of streaming on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday, from 9pm-12am CST, format, the new schedule format will be Monday and Fridays, from 9pm-10pm. Since I (Logan) am the one who heads up streaming, our previous schedule was simply not working out in conjunction with other priorities. What this allows for is for folks who support us on Patreon to stream for the channel on Wednesday evenings. If you support us on Patreon and would like to partner with TRG’s Twitch channel, let us know.
  • When I streamed Red Dead Redemption 2, we had a positive turnout! But since then, I’ve felt convicted about streaming that kind of content to our Twitch channel. We know that parents listen to our show and visit our Twitch channel to watch with their kids. In an attempt to maintain that family friendly ecosystem on Twitch, we will not be streaming certain M-rated games. This, unfortunately, means we will not be streaming Resident Evil 2 Remake. This does not mean we will not discuss those on the show and the themes surrounding them; it just means we won’t be showcasing them on Twitch.

Thank you all for your support of the podcast and what we do here at TRG. If you’re not already following us on Twitch, click right here and hit the Follow button so you never miss when we go live. If you miss the stream, head over to YouTube for the archive.

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