Episode 80 – Nintendo Switch

The hype is full-stream ahead, Deer Listeners!

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Nintendo’s new console has been announced and we discuss it on this episode! We even brought on friend of the show, Zach, to help us discuss the hardware specs. We also discuss games like: World of Warcraft, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Strider and try to say backlogs only 5 times. For books, we go from discussing the Holy Spirit to faith to the Lord’s Supper.

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Nintendo Switch


One thought on “Episode 80 – Nintendo Switch

  1. I so understood when one of you talked about how much you wanted your students to understand God and His grace. It breaks my heart sometimes when I have tried to encourage young people to desire the Lord more. But I try not to judge because I remember when I was in college, I did not care either.

    Do you guys ever break down things for folks (like me) who are not real gamers? My question is: what is the difference between independent games and the opposite?




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