Episode 75 – Video Games & Intelligence

Do video games actually help with scholastic tests?

You can check out this week’s episode here or on iTunes!

Two things Deer Listeners: 1) HOLY WOW WE MADE IT TO 75 EPISODES! 2) The audio is going to be really weird for the first 11 minutes (you’ve been warned).

Join us this week as Logan discusses sharing the Gospel to 100 students, Adam’s dorm flooded, and what we’ve been playing and reading. For the topic of the episode, we discuss a recent article linking video games to higher test scores and what this means for us as Christians who enjoy video games.


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9 thoughts on “Episode 75 – Video Games & Intelligence

  1. Have you all talked about the “Mass Effect: Andromeda” game?

    I swear listening to you guys and your podcast is starting to make me feel that urge to save up and buy a game system and some games some day soon.



    1. We have not had an opportunity to discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda just yet. Adam is just now playing through the series so you can expect some great discussion surrounding the games soon.

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      1. Think of how you both can enjoy gaming. Some of my favorite memories of time spent together with my wife was playing Portal 2 and Halo. Nintendo’s platform is perfect for such a thing.

        Liked by 1 person

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