Episode 71 – The Last of Us

The Last of Us and Theology

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Deer Listeners! Join Logan and friend of the show, Collin, as they discuss one of the most beloved games of all time: The Last of Us. Before the game is discussed, the guys discuss their favorite JRPGs, how Star Ocean disappoints, Dark Souls 3,  Guardians of the Galaxy, loving people like Christ, and more. During The Last of Us discussion, we discuss themes of adoption, morality in a post-apocalyptic world, and the game’s controversial, though authentic, ending, and if whether or not Naughty Dog will make a sequel.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 71 – The Last of Us

  1. I really enjoyed hearing how Collin (I think) plays the game and his wife joins him like it is a movie. That’s what I loved about Final Fantasy 7 (I think) more than 15 years ago. I was a terrible gamer, but I loved watching friends play because of the story line. But I just thought it was cool that a married couple would be into games together.

    You all have me wanting to play the game and I don’t know when I will have the time, money, or chance.

    Another good episode, gentlemen!


  2. Another thing: I wish I could get back into comic books. But they got a bit more graphic in the way the female characters dressed and I know my wife wouldn’t be happy with that. I do miss them to some degree. My father and I used to read them as hobby when I was a child.

    I still may check out the Guardians of the Galaxy one though (just to see).


  3. Another entertaining and thoughtful podcast! Great job, Logan and way to bring us a new voice in your guest co-host. Definitely makes me wanna play through TLoU again with fresh eyes. Grace and peace!


  4. Thanks for the episode and the thoughts about TLoU.
    I played it multiple times, but with every time my impression got worse. I don’t know what it exactly was, but Joel became a (sorry) a…whole for me in the first third of the game. I came not over it and the ending confirmed that picture I have on him.
    However, it’s not only the content of the game which I have problems with. As a development guy myself I have a bit of an insight, how games get developed and from that perspective, I had another sight to the game and games in general.
    TLoU has really a secular moral and it’s written by secular moral people. And as I saw other people playing and commenting it, it shocked me in some way: There are people the think that Joel did morally the right thing.
    I can see how you guys argued the ending as fathers. I have no kids myself (sadly not even a wife).
    However, I heard justifications for the ending like “Joel did the right thing because of all you people DOSN’T DESERVE salvation”.
    And me, having a bad picture of Joel get the impression the game(-developer), put this justification in the game from the beginning.

    There are also some really double standard scenes and situations I can’t go with.
    For example, the scene where the people get kidnapped by the guys with the MG-trucks. Joel says “We can’t help them” – I know that he could crush them easily (which he proved at the end). That may be a flaw of the game technically, but it really killed the last bit of sympathy with Joel.

    I played on PS3 and I have no PS4, so I will never play TLoU2.
    However, what I have seen from Part 2 is just the logical sequel to the already morally questionable Part 1.


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