Episode 70 – The Deer Avengers

Assemble, Deer Listeners!

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Fun fact: Deer Avenger is a real video game but that’s not what we’re talking about this episode! Adam discusses his recent roadtrip and Logan shares his thoughts about his current season of gaming, or lack thereof. For the Topic of the Episode, Blizzard was recently approached by Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, about Symmetra’s “Devi” skin in Overwatch and it’s possible removal due to disrespect of the Hindu deity. The guys discuss if this is something we should support, our thoughts on a Jesus Christ costume, and our thoughts on deities in games in general.


New Releases

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance – Xbox One, PS4, PC (July 26)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Xbox One, PS4, PC (July 26)



2 thoughts on “Episode 70 – The Deer Avengers

  1. As usual, I enjoyed the show!

    I thought that was an interesting conversation about the Hindu “goddess” being in the video game. I think if Blizzard and Activision wanted to be respectful to all people, then they would get rid of the “character.”

    But so many video games and companies seem to be quite secular, so it’s possible that they would care less because they don’t adhere to the belief anyway.

    Very interesting!


  2. TRG hype! It was such a blessing getting to eat some good BBQ with my bros. Adam is indeed a handsome, handsome man. His wife, Hannah, was so gracious with us dudes geekin’ out over our games. And Nestor’s way too cool for me. 🙂 I highly recommend meetin’ up with some peeps IRL and glorifying God that much more!


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