Episode 68 – GO

Is your church a Pokemon Gym?

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Sorry for the delay, Deer Listeners. We totally were not out playing Pokemon GO (much). Up this week: Adam talks about the first ever TRG meet-up, Logan discusses life in student ministry, and of course, what we’ve been playing. Join us this week for discussions of ICO, Overwatch, Pokemon GO, Bioshock Collection, the sales numbers from the big Steam Summer Sale, and more! Topic of the show this week has us discussing what it’s like to game and be an adult: from our free-time to our priorities. Check out the article from the show!

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One thought on “Episode 68 – GO

  1. I have never been a true gamer, but I really could appreciate the section of this episode where you spoke to “Grown-Up Gamers!”

    Thanks for the shout out too!


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