Gaming Theology 000

A brand new series that focuses on how Christians should play video games, rather than whether or not if they should.

Should Christians play video games?

I’m sure you’ve seen that question floating around the blog-sphere, on Twitter, or someone asked you this question. Every time I have come across articles that ask these questions, they always come from a bias formed from repentance of idolatry that assumes you, the reader, are just like them: someone who is in sin, worshiping an idol in dire need of smashing. That’s not what this new series is about.

This new series seeks to respect you, the reader, for who you are: someone who wants to follow Christ but is curious of how you can reconcile your faith with a desire for gaming. In this series, we’ll take a look at the various facets of where our Christian faith intersects with one of our favorite hobbies: gaming. A few of the topics we’ll discuss are: what is the appropriate amount of gaming, gaming on a budget, opposing worldviews, and more topics that allow us to take a closer look at some popular video games.

Hopefully, this new series will be a resource for you in redeeming the time you spend playing video games and challenges you to be constantly aware of your Biblical worldview as you engage with, not only video games but, entertainment as a whole. Be sure to check back on this website every Wednesday, at 4pm CST. Following/bookmarking the website will ensure you’ll always be up to date on the latest posts.

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  1. I’m a non-believer but I fully support this initiative. Looks like a really cool idea, I’m looking forward to reading new entries 🙂


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