Until Dawn Review

I have to choose which of my friends will die. The lever in front of me is a tool of death, choosing who lives and who dies. The saw blade’s subtle hum begins creeping into my mind as the sweat increases. I look at Ashley, the fear in her eyes cutting me deep. Dang it, Ashley! Stop looking at me like that! Josh, my best friend, has been howling for the past few minutes. One of my friends is about to die and I have to pick who.

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Whats the Deal with these Anime Stories?

*Before you read this, just know that all of the information I’ve got on the cultures/religions mentioned have come from personal conversations and the internet.  I do not claim to be an Eastern Religion expert or anything of the sort.*

Usually, it takes a very cogent, thought-out, and plausible world for me to get into a fantasy story.  Things don’t necessarily need to be totally believable, but if there isn’t a decent starting point, I find it hard to be drawn in.  Fantasy worlds like those of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and to some extent the collaborative lore of the Marvel or DC worlds are easy to relate to because of the origin stories and either a (mostly) fixed pantheon, alien races, or Deities.

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